What do you think of stereotypes?Do you think they are based on a basic,general truth or do they impose an image of a truth?What is the difference between a stereotype and an image that a person feels that they should embody?How relevant is image in your own understanding of yourself in terms of gender?


  Stereotypes refers to the psychological phenomenon that people take a fixed impression about a person or a thing,or a certain kind of persons or things in their minds as the basis to judge and evaluate persons or things(Chappetta and Barth,2016).People tend to regard a specific person or thing as a typical representative of people or things of a certain kind to form evaluation criteria and impressions,then according to these criteria and impressions to evaluate people or things of the same group(Hermann and Vollmeyer,2016).For example,the elderly are considered to be conservative,young people are impulsive;the British are conservative and the Americans are enthusiastic,etc.Stereotype itself contains a certain social reality,it more or less reflects the actual situation of this group of people(Hoyt and Murphy,2016).Therefore,the use of stereotypes can simplify the process of our understanding,which to a certain extent helps people to make a judgment on something or people,saving time and effort.