范文:A Boy’s Firsts

  The boy is such a common boy.He is so common that only acquainted friends can notice him among the crowd;he is so common that he does not change his girlfriend one time per month,just as those playboys do;and he is so common that his daily life is no more special than those who listen to rock n’roll,bet for soccer games and seldom clean their rooms.

  However,the boy is somewhat special.

  He usually thinks that,his experience and personal achievements,along with his own happiness and grievances,are enough for him to be unique,though he does not have a face as good-looking as Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves,or whoever.

  It was such a surprising gift for a 12-year-old boy to know that he had won the first prize in the national mathematics competition.The boy clutched the certification and laughed like a sun-flower blooming in a spring morning.He had spent three months preparing for that competition and had lost5kgweight but he was very happy,as happy as you could imagine.Enjoying the pace of enterprising,he began to believe“No pain no gain”that afternoon.

  Huddling up in the quilt crying,the boy was introspecting himself.For his haughtiness after achieving the second prize in the National Physics Competition,he deserved the rank of last 5%in the final examination of 7thgrade.Wiping up the tears,he set himself a promise of being humble and sober.The boy kept the promise and became a young man of great maturity.

  “Quite a tough work.”The boy said to himself,smearing soap on a blister caused by the burning oil.But a small blister never could stop him from doing his“cooking research”.The boy stood in front of the gas-stove again,holding apancake turner in his left hand,he was trying to find out the correct time of adding salt and the appropriate amount of other flavorings.After so many failures,he felt that it was not a simple task of cooking out palatable meals,nut a challenge of surpassing himself.When the boy finally finished working one and a half hours later,he put a sweet smile on his dirty face.The boy wrote in his diary,“keep working and you’ll win.”

  At the age of 16,the boy fell in love with a smart girl.Eating ice-cream with the girl in the ice-cream bar at the street,walking on the boulevard hand in hand,cycling her home and kissing goodbye,he regarded love as the holy thing in his life.Thus,the boy demonstrates a love from heart;he cares everyone nearby and wants them to be beatific with their families.As people say,an angelic soul.

  The extremely hot summer holiday of 16,the boy was excited when he got a job at the local train station as a ticket-taker.First working day,the boy got up so early that when he arrived at the station,the previous ticket-taker was still on his work,in astonishment of the boy’s appearance.But the ticket-taker did not know that,the boy was just so eager as to get on the job to show that he had grown up.

  Soon a common college student will he be.A common one that will be assiduous in class and passionate in the basketball court;that will make every effort to run for the Chairman of the Student Union but may still face failure;that is no more special than those who spend half a day in libraries and forget to go to dinner when do researches in labs.But somehow he will be a unique college student,because he will have his own way of fulfilling his dreams.

  And as you may know,the boy is me.