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  直接观察:通过直接观察,研究人员可以在人们日常生活中进行研究,而不会参与或干预。这类研究通常是被研究者所不知道的,因此,必须在人们对隐私没有合理期望的公共场所进行。例如,研究人员可能会观察到陌生人聚集在一起观看街头表演者时在公众中进行互动的方式。开放式调查:虽然许多调查旨在生成定量数据,但许多调查还设计有开放式问题,可让您用于定性数据的生成和分析。例如,调查可能不仅用于调查选民选择哪个政治候选人,还用来调查他们用自己的话语选择他们的原因。焦点小组:在焦点小组中,研究人员将一小部分参与者吸引到旨在生成与研究问题相关的数据。澳大利亚墨尔本大学论文代写:Direct observation Direct observation:By direct observation,researchers can conduct research in people's daily lives without participating or intervening.Such research is usually unknown to the researcher and must therefore be carried out in public places where people have no reasonable expectation of privacy.For example,researchers may observe how strangers interact with the public when they gather to watch street performers.Open surveys:While many surveys are designed to generate quantitative data,many surveys are designed with open-ended questions that allow you to use qualitative data generation and analysis.For example,the survey may not only be used to investigate which political candidates the voters choose,but also to investigate why they chose them in their own words.Focus group:In the focus group,the researchers draw a small number of participants to the data that is designed to generate research-related questions….